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We make high impact investments that transform lives

Who we are

HealthAxon is a UK based organisation which make investments in happiness. We quantify both social and financial returns generated by our holdings, with a portfolio made up of sustainable Health and Social Care services. Our clients include Local Authorities, the NHS and private individuals.

We think holistically about returns and believe in creating durable, scalable impact based on our values whilst aligning stakeholders.

HealthAxon Cloud

We quantify both social and financial returns generated by our holdings


Local Authority Partners

3.5 X

Social Return on Investment



Our mission & values

At HealthAxon, our mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable people by providing opportunities which inspire hope and independence through ethical investments.

HealthAxon Cloud

We Innovate

We embrace pioneering ideas and support an innovative culture which energise all stakeholders.

We Excel

We are committed to delivering with the highest standards of professionalism, leading to sustainable returns on investments.

We Connect

We connect with others to create a fairer society. We listen and share, tapping into the knowledge of others experiences.

We Believe

We never stop believing in a better future and we celebrate what we are proud of now.

We Inspire

We inspire other people, celebrate progress, open new opportunities and motivate change.

Our People

Our team is led by an established senior leadership team who are the foundation of HealthAxon’s success. We look forward, backed by years of experience.

Shoaib Arshid

Founder & CEO

Shoaib is the Founder and CEO of HealthAxon, which innovates and transforms the way care services are delivered.

Tim Povey

Chief Financial Officer

Tim trained with Deloitte, later spending years in investment banking with institutions including Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley & JP Morgan.

Carol Hall

Legal Counsel

Carol is an experienced international lawyer, who previously served as Senior Managing Director for a large US bank which serviced global funds.

Lisa Gallagher

Executive Assistant

Dr Tehseen Qayum

Compliance & HR Manager

Lynda Wise

Registered Care Manager